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How To "Change(switch)" K43TA/K53TA Primary Graphic Card On AMD Radeon HD6720G2

First of all, i do not recommended to do this as it may void your computer's warranty. But i believe some people do not actually care about the warranty as long their graphic card can gain some performance. The purpose is to unlock fixed dGPU mode so openGL apps/games will use the 6600M and 6670M series/6650m instead of the slower 6520g card. As you know, anyone who use dual graphic/cross fire will suffer in drop performance. Until now, the solution to overcome this problem is by disable dual graphic and set applications/games to run on high performance via AMD VISION Engine Center. But unfortunately, the performance gain is very little.

And below is currently windows experience index rating for my computer (before switching my primary graphic card).

Before we proceed in more details, please check your current adapter information. 
- Right click on desktop.
- Click on Screen resolution.
- Click on Advanced settings.

Ok now we will proceed with the step to 'change/switch' primary graphic card.

1) Download this software.
- WinFlash (install)

2) Download this bios.

3) Open the bios(K43TA214) in amibcp 4.53 and change the PX fixed mode to enabled. Then click  the Save button.

4) Load the modified bios above in winflash. REMEMBER TO USE 'Nodate' argument when flashing modded Bios (since it will warn it is an older file): Take the Winflash shortcut and right click for properties. Type /nodate after target then apply. It should look like this:
Program Files (x86)\ASUS\WinFlash\WinFlash.exe" /nodate

5) Restart your laptop.

6) Open AMD VISION Engine Center. Click on Switchable Graphics Application Settings. Make sure graphics setting set to 'High performance' or 'Based on power source'. Never set to 'Power saving'. This is to because we want use full power of 6650m graphic card.

7) Then click on Switchable Graphics Method. Choose 'Select the graphic processor manually or based on power source'. Press Apply. To sureness, you can restart your laptop. In my case, i did not need to restart my laptop.
High Performance (Fixed dGPU) = Select the graphic processor manually or based on power source.
Dynamic = Select the graphic processor based on application needs

This should allow switching between High Performance (fixed 6650M) or Dynamic (6650M+6520G Dual GFX/Crossfire mode).
For more information please check this link

Please check your current adapter. Before this adapter string is AMD Radeon HD 6520G. Now it has changed to AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M series(6650M).

After that, please refreshed your windows experience index. Mine subscore for component graphic and graphic card was increase from 6.6 to 6.8. 

Kindly visit this link for detail explanation.

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